1 Sept – proper ID’s needed to enter KNP

SA ID cards

Lwazi Raul

Security systems within the Kruger National Park (KNP) have always been of the highest standard to ensure not only the safety of the animals, but also those of everyone who visits KNP.

Starting on 1 September, additional access control systems would have been installed at all the gates and anyone over 18 years of age should provide a proper identification document to be able to enter the Park.

According to KNP’s Managing Executive, Glenn Phillips, the systems will apply to everyone within the park including staff members.

“The system will apply to everybody including SANParks staff members, suppliers and other residents of the Park and is expected to improve on our proactive surveillance, early warning and detection. In our quest to continue to enhance security for both wildlife and visitors, we will continue to make use of appropriate security technology,” he said. Philips said non-South African visitors will as always still have to produce their passports at the gate of entry.

Phillips said the new system will assist them to monitor people movement who enter and exit the Park, and will ensure that information related to any persons entering the park is centrally recorded and monitored.

“We recognise that we have to keep a very fine balance between imposing potentially anti-tourist friendly security apparatus whilst also ensuring the protection of both Tourists and Wildlife. We request the public to be patient during these very necessary security processes,” he said.