Visitors should avoid Hazyview Gate to KNP for now

Acting Head of Communications at Kruger National Park, William Mabasa.

Acting Communications Head at Kruger National Park (KNP), William Mabasa is to meet with angry residents over their request to have the fence removed around Sabie River. Villagers of Cork share the river with the Park. In the meantime, tensions in this  village close to the KNP, have spiraled out of control earlier this week and tourists were advised to avoid the Hazyview Gate to the Park.

It is understood that a 27-year old fisherman was shot dead while angling in the Sabie River. Lucky Mboweni was still fighting for his life as this story is published.  Last year, a similar accident occurred when Perry Dlamini was also fatally shot by rangers whilst fishing.

“This is very painful and actually, what we know and we are sure of is that the river belongs to us. So, since they have that power to demarcate the river, bringing the river on the side of the Kruger National Park, now it restricts us from getting into the river. So, we don’t know what to do. In fact, we are scared, because we still have this water crisis, ” said a resident of Cork.
According to Mabasa, the removal of the fence does not fall under their competencies.

The Kruger National Park has advised tourists to avoid the Kruger gate until further notice.