BB Ridge mom raped to save daughter’s life

A story for Mothers' Day of a mom's love for her child.

Tumelo waga Dibakwane

A MOTHER from Bushbuckridge who was raped in front of her teenage daughter in Saselani two years ago, is still too traumatised to report the incident to the police.

The 17-year old daughter who cannot be named has told NewsHorn that two men broke into their house, demanding money and cell phones before threatening to rape the girl who was only 15 at the time. The mother asked the men to use her instead and save her daughter.

“I thought maybe they will leave her but instead they took turns in raping her in front of me and my young brother who was seven years old at that time” she said

She added that after the rape her mother refused to press charges against her alleged rapists and claimed that she will deal with them in her own way but she hasn’t done anything about the situation.

“I am still traumatised about the whole thing because I recently met one of the rapists still walking free after what he did and I am scared that they might come again and I don’t think that this time they will let me go just like that.”  She has since moved out of the house and live with her grandmother in Buyisonto.

The mother said to NewsHorn that the most important are her children whom she took for counseling. As for herself, she knows that those men will pay for their deeds.