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The Mpumalanga NewsHorn is an independent publication reporting on not only provincial and community affairs, but also serves Mozambique. We consider our advertisers and readers over all spectra of religion, race and political affiliation to be of equal importance. We are the people’s paper. NewsHorn has just been awarded the Entrepreneur 2017 trophy from the Kruger Lowveld Chamber of Business and Tourism – the first community paper ever to receive this accolade. Locally-owned and locally-run with reporting focusing  on mostly good news to ensure the continued growth of business and tourism in our beautiful Lowveld. Properly affiliated with the Independent Press Association and the Kruger Lowveld Chamber of Business and Tourism, we are awaiting a final audit from the Audit Bureau of Circulation to verify our printing of 40 000 copies per month. From February 2018 NewsHorn will not only be a provincial paper, but print regional issues as well; Nkomazi, Bohlabela, and Mbombela to afford our respective advertisers in these areas an option to not only advertise to the province, but to their immediate area of business as well.

We have a vested interest in government and schools, wildlife and environmental conservation and have a strong social development drive. Our farmers have our hearts as the food basket of our beautiful region and country. With regard to content, a heavy focus is placed on unbiased reporting, beholden to no interest other than the voice of reason. Our social development benefits not only our people, but our four-footed friends are high on our agenda of support.

As a FREE newspaper, the publication is essentially available to an audience covering the entire LSM range (all incomes). The distribution strategy ensures that the paper is read throughout the entire province and Mozambique, (only FREE paper from SA to be delivered across border), with a definite footprint in the Kruger National Park. We distribute across all rural areas of the province to educate and empower our readers. Digital copies are sent to role players across various industries, be it agriculture, business or government. Our BEE rating is the highest with black ownership and 80% of our staff being from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.

We are morally and ethically driven and see God as our main driver in all business dealings. We are the only community paper in Mpumalanga who devotes an entire page to ensure the Christian Gospel is taken to every reader in the province.


Marketing and advertising potential

The N4 serves as a major artery, connecting South Africa to Mozambique to the East and Swaziland to the South. This, coupled to the proximity of major entry gates to the Kruger National Park, places the  NewsHorn in an optimal position for serving the marketing and exposure requirements of a wide range of advertising customers.

Served by both local business and those in the Nelspruit/Mbombela district, as well as national retail chains, this diverse population requires access to a broad range of services and as such provides a ready advertising market.

The NewsHorn, established in September 2015, has in a very short time become increasingly popular with readers and advertisers, affording an unique and affordable opportunity to grow business and in the process, educate and inform. It is driven by individuals with a collective 90 years’ experience in the South African media industry. The NewsHorn has consistently been received well by its readership as it provides access to a prime market. Staff members have won various prestigious awards in the industry and the coveted Entrepreneur Award for 2017 has found its home at NewsHorn, a feat never before performed by any other similar paper – and that in 3 years.


For further information and marketing opportunities, contact details are as follows:

Office:     013-752-4811

Office:     013-880-0062

Email:    editor@newshorn.co.za

Audit Bureau of Circulations

NewsHorn - Entrepreneur Award Winner 2017


Entrepreneur Award

KLCBT award