All races sick of crime – read a hero’s story – SA PEOPLE

Our country is ravaged by crime.

Intruders chose the wrong house in South Africa to break into last week, when a fiercely protective father gunned down the three men, killing two of them. The third is in hospital.

The man told the Middelburg Observer that he was consumed with fear that his wife and baby daughter would be tortured, raped and killed.

The men had broken in by bending and breaking the burglar bars, and had already carried the TV outside when the altercation occurred, according to the Observer.

The men were allegedly next to the baby’s crib, and ignoring the wife’s pleas. The father claims that one of them then attacked him with a knife, saying “I’ll kill your baby”.

During the assault, the father managed to manoeuvre himself close to his bed where he grabbed his loaded ACP Colt that he kept under the pillow (which is sadly not that uncommon in South African homes); and shot at the men.

The third assailant, who survived, ran to a neighbour’s home… where he was hit with a shovel by that neighbour. The assailant is reportedly in a critical condition in a Pretoria hospital.

Support for the father has come from white and black South Africans, who appear to be united against the intruders who were apparently from Mozambique, and united against criminals wrecking the lives of innocent people.

Facebook user Zee Dyson said: “What’s remarkable about all these comments is the fact that ALL RACES stand together and feels the same! Black, White, Indian etc etc… We are all sick and tired of senseless murders!
This is the country I want to live in!
This is the voice of my people!
Together as one nation!!!

Law Machebe, who lives just one street away from the house that was broken into, said there has been a spate of home invasions in the area – including his own home on 1 January 2018. He said: “Well done to this man for fighting for his family. A month ago my other neighbour phoned around 03h00 in the morning to alert me about thugs trying to break into the house of the other neighbour. I saw them… but we were unfortunately unable to catch them since they ran towards the outskirts where it was too dark. We are always on the lookout with all my neighbours doing patrols almost everyday. Well done to this guy and I would do the same. Seriously – thugs are troubling us. I’m now glad that they managed to get nice price of death. Indeed crime does not pay.”

Another family man in Lynwood Pretoria, also shot dead two men on his property on Saturday.

The man had returned home with his family when he spotted an unknown vehicle in his driveway. He got out of his car to investigate, and one of the suspects allegedly jumped into his vehicle and tried to make off with it, while his family were still inside.

The man shot at the suspect who crashed into the wall of the driveway and died. According to a South African Police Service spokesperson, Captain Dave Miller, a second suspect tried to ram the man’s vehicle in order to escape, but he too was shot… and died.

Miller told IOL: “Fortunately the complainant was able to rescue his family. During the process, the two suspects were shot and later pronounced dead on the scene by paramedics.”


source: SA