Another female victim dies during Womens’ Month


Tumelo waga Dibakwane

During Womens’ Month which is celebrated with great fanfare in South Africa, another woman has just died at the hands of her husband, rape is not abating and female abuse is reported on social media on a daily basis.

In the latest incident, Grade 2 learners in Bushbuckridge were traumatised as Given Mokoena (36) shot and killed his teacher wife in full view of the young children.

According to the Provincial Spokesperson of SAPS, Brigadier Leonard Hlathi, Mokoena was not the owner of the firearm with which he not only killed his wife, but ended his own life as well. Police have charged the owner of the firearm and the man has already appeared in the Bushbuckridge magistrate’s court.


Hlathi called on public to refrain from lending their firearms to others. According to him, only when a firearm is used in a crime, do the original owners report it stolen. It is the responsibility of the gun owner to ensure it is safely stored. Losing a firearm can have severe consequences for owners.

Meanwhile, Statistician-General Pali Lehohla said the rate of spousal abuse has risen alarmingly over the past five years from 11% to 31% this year. He said the main reasons for this are varied and is found across all sectors of the population. He cited inequality, jealousy and financial matters as the main reasons for abuse, but also made it clear that anger, drugs and alcohol continue to play a major role.

Founder of Girls Talk organisation in Bushbuckridge Chreseldah Ndlovu, told NewsHorn that she is disturbed about what happened to Chiloane because it was inhuman, but the problem is still that most women don’t speak out before a tragedy occurs.

“Since the establishment of the organisation, I have realised that we will still lose more women in our country especially in the rural areas where women still believe that a man has a right to hit them and those who know their rights they decide to keep quiet, which is wrong” she said

Ndlovu added that “abuse is clearly seen on women’s faces, but that they deny it because they claim to love their partners or they are depending on them for survival.”

“I would like to appeal to all women out there to speak out and report any form of abuse even if he slapped you once, go to the police. Join any women’s group that will assist you to overcome that abuse, as for men they must stop abusing women, if you don’t love her anymore just leave her alone, alive and unharmed” said Ndlovu.