Asian nabbed in Moz with container of rhino horns


Mozambique police detained a Vietnamese citizen in possession of 10 rhinoceros horns at Maputo International Airport. The 43-year-old was on his way to Vietnam when authorities discovered the horns hidden in boxes labelled as industrial machinery.

This is the second such case in less than a week. Earlier this month,  authorities at Maputo International Airport detained another Chinese citizen who was attempting to embark for China with nine rhinoceros horns.

“The police remain vigilant and enjoy the support of other special forces in combating this type of crime,” Muchina said, referring to the Mozambican National Criminal Investigation Service and the wildlife protection services.

Poachers have wiped rhinoceros out in Mozambique and rhino horn found here is usually from animals killed in South Africa’s Kruger Park.

In addition to rhino horn, poachers are also looking for elephant tusks for target markets in Asia.