BBRidge mob justice sees alleged perpetrator burnt to death

photo sourced:

Tumelo waga Dibakwane

A young man between the ages of 25 to 30 was burned to death by community members in Zoek-Nog in Bushbuckridge for allegedly raping and killing a 16-year-old.

According to an eye witness who wanted to remain anonymous, the bloodied body of the young girl was found naked in an abandoned house with bruises, knife cuts and and definite signs that she was raped

After the funeral community members were tipped off about the perpetrators and they eventually caught one of them who confessed that they indeed killed the young lady. Two of the perpetrators  managed to out run the mob, but one was caught. The community members beat the young man until he collapsed and put a rubber tyre on top of him, poured petrol on him and he was burned beyond recognition. The community said they are sending a message to those criminals who rape and kill innocent girls in their community. They further said that they are sick and tired to involve the police because they arrest the criminals and release them the same day, so it is their responsibility to deal with crime vigorousl, so that the criminals will think twice before committing any crime.

The family was not available for comment and by the time of going to print SAPS was preparing to release a statement on the investigation.