#BlackMonday accident on N4 in Mpumalanga – Update


Alex Rose-Innes

Latest reports indicate that the horrific accident yesterday on the N4 near Witbank was driver error and there was no political agenda. It is believed that the unharmed driver of the truck which rammed in the back of another large hauler and sent it into the bakkies, and his co-driver were taken into custody.

It is believed that the truck had  no brakes and its tires no traction to stop. It slammed into the back of a truck at one of the protest spots, turning the scene into that of a horror movie.

It is a miracle that no one died as cars and bakkies were strewn over a wide area with some stuck underneath and between two heavy transport vehicles.

In the meantime, according to a post on Instagram by Armand Hofmeyr, the minister of police yesterday issued a media statement that farm murders will not be categorised as murder but seen as part of the freedom struggle for the majority to “get their land back.”

NewsHorn will today, investigate various allegations made by various parties after a day which saw the international community taking part in #BlackMonday.

Time – 1-50pm