The budget pain for the man in the street – petrol huge increase in April



Apart from the petrol shock in April, after a price reduction in March, alcohol and tobacco will now hurt the pocket and not only the lungs and liver. From next month your favourite tipple and fags will increase substantially in price.

A pack of 20’s cigarettes – R1.22 more

Wine – 1 litre – 30c increase with sparkling wine carrying an additional 97c price tag.

As it is called here in the Lowveld, Klippies and Coke (or other spirits) will pay R4.80 more for a 750ml bottle.

Beer and cider will increase on the 340ml cans by 14c.

And those with a sweet tooth will save on dentist fees as drinks containing more than 4g/100ml (look on nutrition labels) will increase due to sugar tax.

That plastic bag which retailers and especially supermarket check-out attendants automatically put in as little as possible in order to sell more (do they get a kick-back on this?) will increase by 12c a bag. Where one is charged 70c per bag, it will now cost 82c/bag and shops charging 50c/bag will now charge 62c.

Golf balls (why only golf balls? Is it automatically assumed that poor people play tennis?), cosmetics, light bulbs, smart phones and electronics will increase from 7-9%.

And the final blow now that eating and drinking are becoming a luxury – On 4 April, the price of petrol will increase by 52 cents a litre, 30 cents go towards the road accident fund levy (which last I heard was bankrupt) and 22 cents towards the general fuel levy.

While you still can afford it, if this is not reason for a dop, I do not know what is. But look at the bright side. We will all be thinner due to sugar tax, walk or cycle due to the fuel increase, but can you imagine how sour and miserable we are now going to be? And are we not already a sour, miserable bunch?.