Christmas – suicides increase – 600 calls per day


SADAG experiences a dramatic influx of calls

Following the sad and tragic announcement of Jabulani Tsambo aka HHP’s passing last week, The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) had been overwhelmed and inundated with calls from people who feel completely helpless, hopeless and desperate for crisis intervention, for depression help and suicide.

“This week, we have had many potential suicide callers, concerned family members and even work colleagues calling in to ask for help, information and emergency intervention. Our volunteer counsellors had been fielding hundreds of calls per day, while more people had been reaching out via emails, SMS and social media.

SADAG is not funded by government and rely on private or corporate donations. or corporate’s to help pay for the telephone calls. We need more funds, we usually receive up to 600 calls per day, but with the shock and sadness of HHP’s death, and increased press, social media and awareness around depression and suicide, the calls had increased drastically.