Cricket SA – Lorgat still draws megabucks

Photo: Gallo Images/Fin24

Six months after parting ways with Cricket South Africa (CSA), Haroon Lorgat is still drawing a full chief executive’s salary from the organisation because of a delay in negotiating his settlement.

Lorgat was widely blamed by CSA for the sequence of events that led to the debut of the Global T20 League – South Africa’s answer to the Indian Premier League, Big Bashand other cricket leagues – being postponed in November as he “failed” to sell broadcasting rights for the competition.

With Lorgat believing he was well on the way to securing a broadcaster, the two parties decided to part ways on September 28 – significantly earlier than the 2019 expiry date of his contract.

As a result of the unpaid settlement, which at the time was rumoured to be about R3 million despite the lack of negotiations, CSA has effectively been paying the equivalent of two chief executive salaries.

Lorgat’s acting replacement, Thabang Moroe, is said to have resigned from his previous day job to focus on the position.

An industry insider said the reason there was a delay in coming to an agreement over the settlement was that the Global T20 review investigation was postponed in the hopes that Lorgat would be found liable.


Drawing a line under Lorgat’s departure, which at the time was said to be amicable but has proven to be otherwise, would have been in CSA’s best interests, especially as Lorgat is rumoured to have been earning about R3 million a year.

Having lost in the region of R180 million in expenses associated with trying to get the Global T20 off the ground – said costs include compensating the drafted players and apparently could increase if the owners decide to follow suit – one would have imagined the organisation would have wanted to put an end to the losses incurred by a tournament that has yet to see the light of day.

The industry insider said he found it strange that nobody was held accountable following the review.

“If Haroon is not responsible, then the board should be because they appointed him to start the Global T20. We’ve lost R180 million, and it seems like nobody will be held accountable.”