Demand for land is not about agriculture – TAU


In its latest media statement, TAU SA has noted with concern that the authority of president Cyril Ramaphosa has been challenged publicly and in an organised manner with the land invasions of the past weekend.

 Louis Meintjes, president of TAU SA says that this action was clearly organised after  Ramaphosa promised that such invasions will not be tolerated. “What is of greater concern, is that  Ramaphosa’s own officials who are members of the law enforcement agencies, undermined him by refusing in several cases to act against the illegal occupiers.”

Furthermore  Meintjes draws attention to the fact that the illegal occupiers of land are upset because they don’t have access to land for housing. “They don’t want to farm and they don’t want to produce food, but they demand appropriate housing. This is not agriculture’s problem and therefore local government authorities should address the problem instead of threatening farmers to expropriate their property without compensation. Local government has access to available land on which proper housing could be built without using valuable agricultural land for that purpose”,  Meintjes said.