El Nino could lead to Cape-style drought in Moz

Work at the dam has come to a complete stop amid allegations of irregularities and cronyism.

Mozambique’s National Meteorological Institute warned that capital city Maputo could follow Cape Town’s water crisis with  El Nino phenomenon in the Pacific Ocean once again rearing its ugly dry head. It is already affecting the country adversely this year.

The country’s rainy season is almost over and although reasonable rainfall figures have been reported in most parts of Mozambique, the south-west which includes South Africa’s watershed areas and Swaziland have suffered.

Mozambique’s water levels have only risen from 19 to 25% in dams providing water for Maputo and Matola and if used sparingly it could last until the next raining season in November this year. However, the literal population explosion in the two cities could see water restrictions introduced.


Work on the Moamba Major Dam was hoped to add to the water capacity but was stopped after a scandal involving the main Brazilian contractor  led to Brazil cutting funding. Another dam is being built at Corumana and  should be completed next year to address water shortages, but in order to reach Maputo, a 90km pipeline will have to be erected.