Eskom’s group exec resigns after disciplinary meeting

Koko, another one bites the dust.

Eskom has today received a resignation letter from Matshela Koko stating that he has decided to resign with immediate effect. His resignation comes against the back drop of serious charges of misconduct  leveled against him and that would have been adjudicated at his disciplinary hearing which commenced today.

The charges against  Koko relate to grave misconduct. His resignation was
only tendered after the disciplinary hearing into these charges had commenced. Eskom
would have preferred to continue with the disciplinary process so that  Koko could be
held to account for any proven wrong-doing. Eskom however accepted that this
could not be pursued in light of clear legal precedent that a resignation by an employee
unilaterally terminates the employment relationship. Eskom has as result accepted
Koko’s resignation with immediate effect, however reserves all its rights to institute legal
action in respect of any damages Eskom has suffered arising from his actions at
Eskom and to enforce its legal rights under the Pension Funds Act.

Eskom reiterates its belief that  Koko’s resignation during his disciplinary hearing came
in the face of serious charges of misconduct on the back of which Eskom would have
sought a sanction to summarily dismiss him.

The Board of Eskom remains committed to its mandate to root out malfeasance and
maladministration as a critical foundation to restoring transparent and effective
governance. As indicated at the Interim results presentation, a key focus for the new
Board has been addressing governance related matters as a matter of urgency and the
termination of Eskom’s employment relationship with  Koko today is a critical step in the
journey of renewal, inculcating business discipline and accountability.