Farm attacks on all races – It is not genocide – AgriSA

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MORE black people are killed on farms. So says Johan Burger, Independent Policing Expert.

Burger says because demographically there are more white farmers, it does not mean that black farmers are not being killed. The main take away for this is that farm murders are not about race, according to Burger.   ” It is true that, if you look at just farmers, it is still mostly white farmers who get attacked. But that does not mean that black farmers and black workers are not killed,” he told Radio 702.

The demographics and authoritative figures for all people on farms and small holdings seem to be at the heart of the debate regarding the amount of people killed over the past 20 years. Burger says no one knows exactly how many people are on a farm at any given time.

According to the SA Police and AgriSA, farm murders have decreased over the past two decades and are now at its lowest ever. Afriforum is however not agreeing with the statistics. Kobus Visser, AgriSA’s Director for Rural Safety and General Affairs says the organisation’s statistics can be supported by police.