Give back R50 billion stolen by ZUPTAS – it can buy 10 000 farms for black people


The Helen Suzmann foundation is suing Zuma and the Guptas for R7 billion to return the money taken illegally from Eskom. To put R7 billion in perspective:  That can buy 1400 farms of R5 million each for black farmers.

The R220 million that the Zuptas stole from the Vrede milk farm is enough to buy 44 farms at R5 million a piece for black farmers.

It is estimated that the Zumas and Guptas stole around R50 billion over the last 3 years alone. R50 billion can buy 10 000  farms for black farmers at R5 million each.

10 000 farms…. maybe the ANC and EFF don’t realise it when they go ballistic on taking land without compensation.

If they do know this, why are they not going after the Guptas and Zumas with the same vigour and energy?.

These figures will change as more corruption is exposed, but it is the mechanism of the thought – how many farms can legally be bought with the money the Zumas, Guptas and the ANC cronies have stolen over the last 3 years?