Hawks deploy officer to attend, monitor State Capture Commission


Staff reporter

Hawks head Godfrey Lebeya says the directorate has deployed one of its members to attend the State Capture Commission daily to monitor some of the cases that the elite crime-fighting unit is investigating.

Lebeya was appearing before the committee to provide a progress report on high profile cases.

He said while further details could not be provided at this stage in relation to some that are also being dealt with before the State Capture Commission, including the case of fraud, corruption and money laundering relating to the pre-payment made by Eskom to Tegeta for the purchasing of Optimum Coal Holdings, the Hawks had seconded an officer to the commission to monitor proceedings and to ensure they don’t miss out on any evidence.

“Maybe just to hint that we seconded a colonel to the sitting at the commission so as that not to miss anything that is happening at the commission but we will not be dealing,” he said.