IEC passed the 90 percent results capture mark.


The Electoral Commission passed
the 90 percent results capture mark at 10H30 today with results from 20 632 of the
22 924 voting stations captured. Of these, 18 773 (81.89 percent) had been finalised.
Leading the way in capturing results was the Northern Cape where results for all 707
voting stations had been captured followed by the Western Cape (98.6 percent),
North West (99.4 percent), Mpumalanga (99 percent), Eastern Cape (97.59 percent),
Provinces with the most results still awaiting capture were Gauteng (81.99 percent
captured), Limpopo (82 percent captured), Free State (82.93 percent captured) and
KwaZulu-Natal (83.56 percent captured).
Of the 13 million votes captured by 10H30, 453 265 (3.47 percent) were special
votes and 179 511 (1.37 percent) were spoilt ballots.
Based on the results captured to date, voter turnout was sitting at 65.52 percent
nationally with the highest turnout reported in Gauteng (71.89 percent) and the
lowest in Limpopo (58.77 percent).