IEC workers postpone strike action


DISGRUNTLED IEC workers have reached an agreement with management not to go on strike tomorrow May 8.

Workers wanted to down tools over salaries among other matters on Wednesday when the election is planned to take place.

An agreement had been reached between management and Nehawu.

Mawethu Mosery, electoral manager of the IEC, said “it’s been a protracted discussion and negotiation between ourselves.

“We started on Sunday and today it was basically ironing out our way forward on the matters that were presented.

“Our conclusion was an amicable conclusion which both sides agreed to and we’ve agreed on a working programme to resolve all the matters that had been brought before us,” Mosery said.

The issues are reportedly structural issues related to management location, tools of the trade, and processes.

Management and the unions agreed the election proceedings should be completed before the matters could be dealt with.