Illegal gambler hit by a truck

Ezekiel Khoza lying in the road after a truck drove over his feet.

Tumelo waga Dibakwane

A dice game in Hazyview ended in tragedy after a man between the ages of 40 to 48 was hit by a truck while chasing another young man who grabbed their board and ran, while they were still gambling on Thursday evening.

According to  eyewitnesses the regular gambler known as Ezekiel Khoza was involved in a confrontation with another gambler, whom he did not want to join the game. It was then that the other gambler grabbed the board and ran off. “Khoza tried to run after him, not looking when he crossed a busy road and the truck hit him and drove over his legs. We tried to stop him from pursuing the other guy because we knew he was too fast for him.” said the eyewitness.

When Newshorn arrived at the scene, Khoza was lying helpless in the street in pain and he was unable to talk to us. It took more than 2 hours for the ambulance to arrive and while the Hazyview police station was only a few meters away from where the accident took place, the police took their time to come and control the situation and take statements saying that they are not paramedics.

Cedrik Chiloane from Mpumalanga Gambling Board, says any game played in public view where people use money to bet, is illegal, therefore it is the responsibility of the police to stop these activities in the area as gambling zones must be protected.

“Gambling areas must be licensed because we want people to be safe when they go there, there are rules to be followed. The Khoza incident is a sign that illegal gambling is not safe therefore we at MGB appeal to the members of the public to refrain from illegal gambling.” said Chiloane.

The spokesperson of the Mpumalanga police Sergeant Gerald Sedibe, said that what the police did was unacceptable. It is their responsibility to ensure the ambulance is called when there is an accident and to control the situation if needed. “It is the responsibility of the police to close all illegal gambling spots and to arrest the perpetrators, as they have charges for that. We will do our best to close all the illegal gambling areas to prevent a similar incident from happening again.” said Sedibe