Introducing “Greater Kruger Card” in partnership with the Newshorn



The Greater KRUGER CARD…Explore the Greater Kruger Regions with your own and unique Greater KRUGER CARD. Just present the digital card on your phone at a facility that partakes on this system to receive your discount/incentive. After purchase the Card will be sent, in digital format, to your cellphone and email address with your name, surname, date and a unique code. Store in a safe place.

The Card – Your card is valid for up to 4 people travelling together.
Validation period – The specific Card is valid for 365 days.
Contribution – To sustainable environmental and animal rehabilitation programmes.
Incentives – The Card provides the owner with the following incentives within the Greater Kruger Regions:
Discounts at Restaurants
Discounts on Activities
Discounts at Retail stores


Discounts [ between 10% -15% guaranteed ] on Accommodation  only when booked directly via

Free digital maps of the Hoedspruit region; Kruger National Park; entire Lowveld; Mpumalanga; Swaziland; Panorama Route to the value of R550.00

Daily updates on specials in the Greater Kruger region

Special prizes and competitions in the Greater Kruger region

We would love for you to list your facility [Adventure/Restaurant/Activity] as part of the Tourism Information System. It is Totally Free to participate. The facility only has to provide some incentive/discount when the card holder (for up to 4 people travelling together) books directly with you.


It is totally FREE, as a product owner, to be part of the Greater Kruger Card system.

To be associated with the major infrastructure of the system, a facility/activity has to offer the guest/tourist (for up to 4 people travelling together); who presents his/her Card with some sort of discount/incentive. The discount/incentive should be real.

The more attractive the incentive the greater the possibility of increased traffic to your facility. The Card holder, by visiting the web site or the Mobile App on his/her phone will have access to daily/weekly updates on the specials and competitions, etc.

The Card holder, as an incentive, also receives the up to date digital portfolio maps of the region on his/her cell phone or tablet, at no cost. to the value of R550. These maps include the Kruger National Park/Barberton & Kaapsehoop/Swaziland/Mpumalanga/Hoedspruit/ Lowveld/Panorama/Marloth Park/etc.


The Card retails at R100 and is valid for up to 4 people travelling together.

The Card is valid for 1 year and will have a unique Card number.

This is a fantastic marketing tool for the various participating facilities.

This list of companies is growing rapidly. We will forward you our weekly specials at participating outlets, as they change frequently…

Buy your card now by sacnning this QR code,


follow this link to the website to purchase the card

Greater Kruger Card Incentives and Discounts !!!

Greater Kruger Card Incentives