Know Home Owners Assocociation rules before buying

home owners rules
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With the ever increasing crime in South Africa, home buyers prefer the safety of
lifestyle estates with its additional security. Home Owners’ Associations (HOA’s) are
elected to manage these and would be buyers have to adhere to the sometimes rather
painful rules of these HOA’s. Therefore, before buying into such an estate, it is
wise to get acquainted with the particular association.

As opposed to body corporate managing sectional title complexes, all members of
a HOA’s own their homes and are selected by residents of the development itself to
maintain the infrastructure and ensure resident safety.

Prospective buyers with pets for instance, should ensure if domestic animals are allowed and before signing on the dot consider if the way a certain HOA is run would not be in conflict with an individual’s personal choices and lifestyle. Ask for a copy of the most recent minutes of the HOA that will highlight all current issues as some
of these associations can become rather draconian. You may not even paint your
house a specific colour.

A monthly levy is normally payable to allow the HOA to function on behalf of
all residents. It is equally important to familiarise oneself of additional costs such
as this and how it compares to other lifestyle estates in the area. Also find out how often these levies are increased and if a large project is undertaken, would residents be liable for additional contributions towards it. Read through all regulations, restrictions and conditions before committing to buying a home. It will save a lot of trouble later on.