Listeriosis – RCL latest update

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Take Note:

1. Cooked food is safe. Cooking kills listeriosis. The government health warning
concerns “ready to eat” processed meat products, such as polony, viennas, sausages
and other cold meats.
2. The Department of Health has concluded that the source of the recent outbreak of
listeriosis was polony from a production facility in Polokwane. This facility is not
owned by RCL FOODS.
3. The Minister of Health has announced that RCL FOODS polony products have tested
positive for a form of listeriosis, but not the ST6 sequence responsible for the
outbreak. RCL FOODS awaits the report in this regard.
4. The Department of Health has not yet concluded its investigation of the RCL FOODS
polony production facility in Wolvehoek. The test results of environmental samples
are still outstanding. As a precautionary measure, however, the government has
issued a recall notice for all polony products from the Wolwehoek facility.
5. RCL FOODS has recalled all its polony products from its entire customer base.
6. Rainbow polony products can be returned to retailers for a refund.
7. The recall concerns polony, not chicken. No Rainbow Chicken products are produced
at the Wolvehoek facility, and no fresh or frozen Rainbow Chicken is subject to recall.
8. Rigorous food safety procedures are in place at all RCL FOODS facilities, including
Wolvehoek, in line with the company’s strict food safety protocol. These include rigid
controls to mitigate any food safety risks, including microbiological risks at all of our
food production facilities.


Statement from RCL