Local Eskom supplier and workers nabbed


Tumelo waga Dibakwane

Members of the Serious Commercial Crime Investigation Unit in Nelspruit arrested four suspects on charges of fraud, theft and money laundering.

David Mthethwa (71) a supplier to the parastatal and Boniswa Mthethwa (54) his wife, Mwabisa Ngxoba  (35) an Eskom administration clerk and Cinderella Moropane (37) an Eskom work-coordinator) were caught with their hands in the cookie jar and have been receiving millions illegally.

Mthethwa and his wife had a contract with Eskom for maintenance of live works in the Mpumalanga area in 2013. During the existence of the contract their supplier’s authorisation certificate expired and they could not continue to render services. The supplier failed to renew the certificate and the contract was terminated.

Meanwhile, two Eskom officials (allegedly Ngxoba and Moropane) approached the supplier and told him that he is still on their data base and should continue submitting invoices even though he is not operating. They told him to deposit some of the money which he will receive in the different account numbers they provided him with.  The supplier submitted the invoices and a total amount of R2.9 million was paid into his bank account and shared to two different account numbers.

The suspects have appeared in the Nelspruit Regional Court were granted bail of R5000. The case was postponed to 29 March 2018 for further investigation.