Long weekend sees 19 road deaths in Mpumalanga

For illustration only. Not actual accident scene.

NINETEEN people have been killed in various accidents in Mpumalanga since the start of the long weekend on Friday.

On Saturday, three people were killed in a head-on collision late afternoon between a sedan and a SUV on the R540 between Lydenburg and Dullstroom. Everyone in the SUV died and the driver of the other car was rushed to Medi Clinic in Nelspruit with serious injuries. According to information from the Department of Safety and Security, the deceased were Brazilians visiting the country and were burnt beyond recognition when their vehicle burst into flames after the collision.

Another head-on collision on the N17 Toll Road near Liandra, also on Saturday, saw three more people killed and in a third head-on, six people died in an accident between a truck and a sedan on the R546. In this accident five people, including a small toddler were also burnt beyond recognition when their car burst into flames. Between Kinross and Kriel, three more lost their lives in a fourth head-on collision, also on Saturday.

At the start of the long weekend on Friday, four people died when a bakkie and a truck sideswiped each other on the R547. One of the victims was a small child.

Mpumalanga must be the only province in the country where people have so little respect for the lives of others. Skipping red lights and stop streets are a daily occurrence and overtaking on solid lines and uphill, are a part of what seems an inborn death wish.- Editor.