Man arrested smuggling drugs into max prison

Photos: Tumelo waga Dibakwane

IN a recent incident at Barberton’s Maximum Prison, a visitor was caught red-handed trying to smuggle drugs into jail. The incident occurred on a family day, during which inmates are allowed to spend a full day with their family members.

The visitor, Desmond Dlamini was caught in possession of stacks of powdery substances  suspected to be Nyaope,” said Barberton Correctional Services spokesperson Messiah Hlongwane.The suspect was immediately arrested and has already appeared in the local Magistrate court and currently out on bail. Not only will Dlamini be charged with illegal dealing in drugs, but also with contravening Correctional Services Act.

According to Hlongwane, it was  decided to conduct a random search after they discovered drugs inside inmate’s’ cells on several occasions. So far this year, a total of 15 people have been arrested while trying to smuggle illegal substances into the prison. THE Department of Correctional Services has warned the public not to try to smuggle illegal substances into the prison when visiting offenders.

Nyaope is a cocktail of dagga, heroin, anti-HIVldrugs, rat poison and acid. Nyaope, also known as Whoonga, is a uniquely South African street drug that is highly addictive and destructive. It is a fine white powder which is smoked.