Mango strike called off after pilots reached an agreement – Solidarity


Trade union Solidarity today confirmed that, following a series of negotiations during the week, it reached an agreement on behalf of its members with Mango’s management late last night. This comes after the pilots had been on strike this week.

According to Solidarity Deputy General Secretary Deon Reyneke, Mango’s management came to the negotiating table with a solution-driven approach and Solidarity’s members therefore gave the trade union a mandate to accept a new offer. “It was of particular importance to our members to reach an agreement that predominantly outlines the scheduling of flight rosters and hours of work Mango requires from them. Mango agreed to it and committed itself to bring such an agreement to the table within the next six months. This is already a step in the right direction as far as our members are concerned,” Reyneke explained.

According to Reyneke, Mango also agreed to grant members a 7% increase which was accepted. Solidarity members at Mango have already reported for work this morning.