Manzini promises a better life to people with albinism


THE government will ensure that people living with albinism are well taken care of, Mpumalanga Health MEC, Sasekani Manzini, said during a celebration of their rights.
Addressing a gathering at the KaMhlushwa Community Hall, Manzini said people with albinism should enjoy equal and quality health care services and opportunities.

Among those who attended were people living with the condition and traditional healers.
"As the department of health we will make sure that SPF 50 sunscreen is available in our facilities and that people living with albinism receive necessary screening for skin cancer for early detection and treatment,” said Manzini.

She also mentioned that those with vision impairment will immediately be attended to.
Speaking on behalf of people with albinism, the National Director of Albinism Society in South Africa, Nomasonto Mazibuko, said: “On a daily basis, people living with albinism live in fear and are discriminated for the colour of their skin, while some are often perceived as a curse and some kill them for ritual purposes.” Mazibuko is also living with albinism.

Manzini said she was pleased to learn that traditional healers were also against the brutality that people with albinism face on a daily basis.
“I am pleased to know that as community members from different religions we are all supporting the notion that people living with albinism are not subjected to cruelty and degrading treatment by other members of society,” said Manzini.

The government was committed to make sure everyone had equal educational and economic opportunities regardless of the colour of their skin, she said.
Manzini urged people to dismiss the myth surrounding albinism to ensure a free and safe
environment for all.
All who attended the event received dignitary packs consisting of sunglasses, hats and an umbrella.