Mbombela Ubuntu Festival 12 – 15 April 2018


Recognising the roots of humanity is what Ubuntu is all about and the Ubuntu Festival https://ubuntufest.org/ is the first event to stimulate the reconnection of Man with Nature and the inter-dependability of all humans on one another.

The Festival is held under the auspices of the Ubuntu Movement that is a movement of higher consciousness with a message of unity, abundance and prosperity for all. They have a simple plan to create a new social structure on our planet that will release us all from the socio-economic slavery that we are trapped in. A system in which everyone can contribute their skills and talents for the benefit of everyone in their community – in the true UBUNTU spirit. UNITY within Community is their motto.

The Festival is also the birth of the tradition of a series of workshops and festivals to celebrate our Indigenous Responsibilities and Duties to the Land, Water, Biodiversity, Culture and Minerals and the on-going formulation of the South African Indigenous Peoples Rights Charter.

22 Khoisan from all over South Africa have been gifted with the opportunity offered by Ubuntu Festival to represent the Khoisan and honour the festival with the presence of elders and youth, in traditional attire, with storytelling and music. The festival is a platform to express that: “The next revolution is the evolution of consciousness” and that “The wealth of Nations is in the Value of Nature and the Nature of Value.” We support the call of “Khoisan first nation – one nation” for human dignity and our deep connection with Creator and Creation. The representatives will come to light the ancestral fire of UBUNTU and hold the energetic space during the festival as custodians of this ancient land.

An ‘ancestral village’ will be created at the Festival where the Khoi will be accommodated. The fire that will be lit at the opening ceremony will be used to light the fires in the village. Members of the public can gather around the fires to join in the storytelling and other activities.

At Mbombela Stadium this weekend.