MEGA event for women of excellence

Thuli Mashaba. (Photo: Lwazi Raul)

Lwazi Raul

MEGA (Mpumalanga Economic Growth Agency) organised a scrumptious breakfast and business seminar where business women could interact, share information network and motivate each other.
Well-known business women of Mpumalanga such as Carol Sanderson from Casambo Lodge, provincial speaker Thandi Shongwe and Thuli Mashaba attended the event.
Mashaba who is in the civil engineering field, always thought to be a male bastion said during the event that it is all in the mind that people are not able to make their dreams work. “I have been in this business for some time now. I took a challenging business which everyone looks at as a man’s job in this industry. Challenges are some of the things I love and I am always up for. Engineering has always been a challenging field but need someone with focus.”
Mashaba, who had to leave the university due to a lack of funds, always sees that as her motivation to succeed. She always points out that she has achieved much, even though she dropped out of university. She has a very fulfilling job in engineering and she is currently assisting with the Sakha-Bakhi project which is a major project within the province. Her company involves building homes in Mpumalanga of which RDP houses are a big part.