Molefe in more trouble than he realised

Another comrade caught out. Bra Brian in tears.

Solidarity welcomes ruling on Molefe application and plans to make representations to the NPA on criminal prosecution

Trade union Solidarity welcomes the High Court ruling against former Eskom CEO, Brian Molefe of the R30 million golden handshake from Eskom. Justice has prevailed. With this ruling the court has confirmed that corrupt activities can only be concealed for so long.

According to Solidarity Chief Executive Dirk Hermann, the matter should not even have gone to court. “It is a sad state of affairs, when high profile South Africans have to go to court in a bid to defend corrupt activities. The unlawful pension award granted to Molefe conforms to the classic definition of corruption,” Hermann said.

According to Hermann the ruling comes as an important victory in the battle against corruption but it is not the end of the road. “The ruling also paves the way for criminal prosecution,” Hermann said.

In response to Solidarity’s court papers the Public Prosecutor had confirmed under oath that possible criminal offenses by Molefe would be investigated.

Hermann continues and says that Solidarity will keep the Director of public prosecution to his word and plans to make representations within two weeks on the grounds for criminal prosecution of Molefe.

Solidarity will soon distribute a more in-depth press release after studying the ruling