Moz driver nabbed for speeding on N4


Two Mozambican nationals arrested on N4

Tumelo Waga Dibakwane

Mpumalanga Community Safety, Security and Liaison’s Traffic Intervention Unit officers have  arrested two Mozambican nationals on the N4  near the Gorge. The driver of the vehicle (36) was driving at 142 km/h in a 100 km/h zone. The vehicle was traveling from Mozambique to Gauteng Province.

After that, everything went south as officers found counterfeit sneakers in the vehicle and to add insult to injury, the female had no travel documents either.

Mpumalanga Community Safety, Security and Liaison MEC Pat Ngomane has commended the traffic officers for arresting the two suspects. He said that it is clear indication that some motorists think they can do as they please in the country. At the same time, he voiced his concern  on how  the two occupants managed to cross the Lebombo border with the illegal goods and  one without travel documents without being caught.

“These are the type of acts that continue to cripple the economy of the country and undermine the integrity of our Ports of Entry. These two have c broken the law; justice must take its course so as to give a lesson to others that our country is not a banana republic,” he said.

The two suspects are currently held Nelspruit Police Station.