Moz in for new flooding

Cyclone Idai hits Zimbabwe.

Our across the border neigbouring country Mozambique is once again at the mercy of heavy weather in the form of tropical cyclone which has formed in the Moza Channel. Warnings were sent out by the Natural Disaster Management (INGC) at the beginning of the week and it is expected to affect the central and northern regions.

“The low pressure system will affect the coast of Nampula and Zambezia provinces with very heavy rains, accompanied by severe winds and thunderstorms” CTGC said in a media statement emailed to press.

Southern Zimbabwe and eastern Botswana may well benefit from the deluge but Tete and Niassa will be flooded as certain areas of Mozambique are prone to flooding and are especially vulnerable after a major drought last year which hardened soils which will now  not easily absorb water.

The basins of the rivers Messalo, Megaruma, Mecuburi, Meluli, Ligonha and Licungo, affecting the districts of Nacaroa, Moche, Angoche, Pebane, Mocuba, Namacurra, Lugela and Maganja da Costa will also be affected.



In February last year, tropical storm Dineo lashed Mozambique and killed seven people while 500,000 others were driven from their homes.