Mpumalanga NewsHorn finalist for KLCBT awards

klcbt awards

Almost two years to the day this fledgling newspaper, originally only meant for Nkomazi area, was started in a room at Buffalo Hotel in Hectorspruit. On board, Mel Preddy and Alex Rose-Innes and to keep us calm and on the right track, the two Engelbrecht boets. We had two freelance reps and everyone did everything.

We went where angels fear to tread, joining the media industry where the big boys have been for many years. For two years, everyone involved with NewsHorn had no life outside the newspaper. We faced tremendous odds, but here we are as proof of never giving up on a dream, no matter how impossible it seemed at times. We had the support of so many good people who worked for nothing or almost nothing.

Today, the paper is a provincial paper, it still is FREE, the only FREE paper to service Mpumalanga, Nkomazi and Mozambique. Our footprint is growing, our staff has grown and many changes have taken place. We have become part of local printing company White River Printers and printing 40 000 per month where we only printed 5000 at start. We are enlarging our footprint into Swaziland soon. We have taken hands with an online radio station.

Our suppliers, clients and advertisers, our readers have voted for us. Our community has showed their appreciation and we are extremely grateful. And good news is what we are about. Good news to lure investors and visitors to our beautiful Mpumalanga. We have taken hands with role players in government, the community, business people and the people on the street. Our schools have found a voice.  And hopefully, one day, we will make money. Until then, thank you for your support. It has never been about the money. Just a bunch of idealists who believed in our people.

We are supported across all colour barriers, all languages, as our late, great Madiba said, “by all our PEOPLES.”

Let it stand…..without God, without Mel Preddy and hours spent on our knees, our staff and on our new owner who has come on board, this would not have been possible. We aim to serve you even better in the future.