No fatalities on SA section of the N4 Toll Route this Easter

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Trans African Concessions( TRAC) has announced zero fatalities on its South African section of the N4 Toll Route this Easter.
TRAC also said there was also a considerable decline in accidents overall, compared to 2018, even though record traffic volumes were experienced over the long weekend.
TRAC spokesperson Solange Sores-Nicholson said 29 accidents were recorded on the N4 from Thursday 18 April to Monday 22 April 2018, which is a huge decline from last year’s 73 crashes. Twenty of these accidents occurred in South Africa and nine in Mozambique, where one fatality was recorded at the start of the weekend. We convey our heartfelt condolences to the family of the deceased, she said.
“As expected, a major increase in traffic was recorded over the Easter weekend, with hourly counts at TRAC’s biggest and busiest South African toll plaza, Middelburg, reaching over 2 450 cars on Monday 22 April,” she said.
“The Ressano Garcia and Lebombo border posts also reported busy conditions on Monday, however, traffic flowed smoothly at the international crossing throughout the weekend.”
She added that the key contributors to a safer N4 this Easter was the TRAC N4 Easter Road Safety Awareness and Swift Response Campaign.
According to her, the initiative saw the bulk of Mpumalanga Emergency Services and TRAC assist teams stationed at strategic points along the route to reduce response times to roadside emergencies and incidents.
Another contributing factor was the high visibility of traffic and law enforcement authorities throughout the 570 kilomitres route.
” Their constant presence ensured that motorists were more road safety conscious and respected road rules and regulations.”
TRAC said the achievement would not have been possible without road users’ cooperation.
It thanked all motorists for their efforts.