Nove aeroportos e aeródromos passam para privados


Good news for tourism – airports in Moz to be privatised

The Mozambican government has announced that it will grant nine national airports to private companies as a method to improve services and attract more customers.

According to Emanuel Chaves, president of the board of Mozambique Airlines (LAM) smaller
airports will first be privatised to ensure efficient management of the infrastructure of Mozambican airports and attract foreign airlines.

In 2014, LAM the cou ntry’s only airline was banned from  ying over European air space for two years due to non-compliance with international security rules.

Chaves said in a statement that the proposed public-private strategy will enhance competition among operators and dictate tariffs to benefit travellers. He admitted that the custom tariff of services provided by LAM is high and many complaints have been received.

Whilst Chaves did not li the lid on possible partners, it is clear the latest efforts are aimed at enabling the country’s airports to meet international standards.