Nzimande announces interventions to transform minibus taxi industry.


Tumelo Waga Dibakwane
Minister of Department Transport Blade Nzimande has decided to revise the Taxi Recapitalisation Programme in an effort to meet the current as well as future needs of commuters and to stimulate the economic potential of the industry.
The Department of Transport has also appointed a new taxi-scrapping agency that will facilitate the Taxi Recapitalisation Programme on behalf of the department.
“The Department of Transport has appointed Anthus Services 84 (Pty) Ltd (Anthus) as the technical partner responsible for the administration and management of the Revised Taxi Recapitalisation Programme (RTRP) in March 2019,” the Minister said.
Since the expiry of the taxi scrapping contract with the previous service provider at the end of September 2018, the department has been busy procuring the services of a new service provider to assist the department in the implementation of the Revised Taxi Recapitalisation Programme.
While the scrapping of taxi vehicles has been suspended since October 2018 pending the appointment of a new service provider, the RTRP resumed in March 2019 with the appointment of Anthus Services 84.

The Taxi Recapitalisation Programme was an intervention by government to bring about safe and effective taxi operations by introducing new taxi vehicles and scrapping old taxi vehicles, as well as helping operators to benefit constructively through empowerment.

The Minister said government had decided to increase the taxi scrapping allowance from R91 100 to R124 000 per scrapped old taxi.

“To fulfil the transformation and sustainability requirements of the Revised Taxi Recapitalisation Programme, 60% of the commercial benefits generated by the Taxi Recapitalisation SA operations will flow to the taxi industry. The Taxi Recapitalisation SA has already fulfilled its mandate to establish sites in all nine provinces,” the Minister said.
The sites are already opened to receive applications for scrapping.Government is extending the scope of the Taxi Recapitalisation Programme beyond the scrapping of the balance