Only employ ANC cadres in Mpu hospitals – ANC Ehlanzeni Regional Chairperson, Ngrayi Ngwenya,

Mariette Preddy who unearthed yet anothr can of worms.

IN a press statement by the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) Nkomazi councillor, Mariette Preddy,  expressed the party’s shock at the plan of the ANC to only provide hospital jobs to party members.

In a video which had surfaced, ANC Ehlanzeni Regional Chairperson, Ngrayi Ngwenya, asked Mpumalanga Premier, Refilwe Mtsweni to reserve all posts at Nkomazi Hospitals for ANC volunteers.

In the video, Ngwenya is seen addressing an ANC meeting attended by Premier Mtsweni in Nkomazi where he says Mtsweni must take her time as premier and do research on vacant posts at hospitals (Shongwe and Tonga) and make sure that they are reserved for ANC volunteers.

The statement says that what Ngwenya calls for is cadre deployment “which has adversely affected public service for years because most of the people deployed are not qualified for such jobs. Even the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) once reported that “The ANC’s deployment strategy systematically places loyalty ahead of merit and even competence and is therefore a serious obstacle to efficient public service.”

Preddy said in the statement that Ngwenya’s call discriminates against genuine, qualified job seekers simply because they are not ANC members or volunteers. It also contravenes the Section 6(1) of the Employment Equity Act of 1998 and Section 195(1)(i) of the South African Constitution.

“Nkomazi is a deep rural area with a high level of unemployment where everyone irrespective of their party affiliation – deserves equal opportunity for employment in the public sector as long as they have necessary qualification for the vacant post,” according to Preddy in the statement.

The DA in Nkomazi has as a result, call on Mtshweni to afford all job seekers a fair chance.

“We hope that the Premier will act according to legislation and the Constitution. Like everywhere in the country, every employable person in Nkomazi deserves a job irrespective of their party affiliation.”