Police shoot at Malelane Roots Butchery employees


Dex Sibiya.

POLICE used rubber bullets to disperse Malelane Roots Butchery employees who were yesterday protesting outside the shop complaining about unpaid monies.

Unhappy employees claim they were not notified that there will be retrenchments .

They demand that the employer must pay them their outstanding monies.

Speaking to NEWSHORN demonstrators said there was no need for the police to shot at them with rubber bullets.

“The situation was calm throughout the day and we were not causing any noise we were just sitting outside and communicating with the manager in an orderly manner,”said an employee who requested not to be named.

According to the employee the violence started when the store manager ran away leaving them standing alone outside the shop.

Malelane police spokesperson Sergeant Bheki Nkosi confirmed that police fired rubber bullets at the crowd.

“Yes when there is a strike we do use rubber bullets when the situation is out of control ,” Nkosi said.

Nkosi dismissed claims made by the employees that rubber bullets were directly aimed at them.

“No one was directly shot with rubber bullets but we are advising anyone who claim he was hit to come forward,” said Nkosi.