Poll reveals SA drivers are seriously looking at electric cars


WITH both grades of petrol increasing by 99c per litre and diesel now costing R1.24 more per litre, an AutoTrader poll done last month, indicated that 55% of South Africans are considering electric cars.

But do we have the infrastructure for this? Nissan and BMW are working together to make charging station more available. Already there are charging facilities at dealers, shopping centres and office blocks across South Africa.

Driving styles should also change and with South Africans, (especially in Mpumalanga), total speed freaks, in order to save on fuel, a more economic approach will be necessary. Fleet operators will feel the pinch even more and with every increase in fuel, transport costs will skyrocket everything, especially food.

According to analysts, there is no respite for motorists in the near future.

On Wednesday, when you fill up your tank, you will pay R265 (a third!) directly into the pockets of the  government tax coffers. If taxi fares go up, you could pay R447 more every month! While Botswana adds 40c per litre in tax, the ANC government adds R5.30 per litre.