Public warned to use social media in a responsible manner

For illustration only. (Photo sourced.)

Tumelo Waga Dibakwane.

The Ministry of Communications has noted, with great concern and has called on all citizens to be responsible internet users. The internet has the potential to be used for great good but can also cause terrible harm. This after a photo of a child with a severe mouth disease went viral on social media. The child allegedly consumed food sold by “foreign nationals.”

“It is in your hands. People can limit harm by vetting the content before sharing. Sharing unverified and unauthenticated information can have real consequences for the sanctity of our nation and its democratic values” said the Deputy Minister of Communications,  Pinky Kekana. With xenophobia rearing its ugly head every so often, publishing this kind of image implicating certain groups, can do much damage.


False information masquerading as news has the ability to divide our communities instead of assisting the very same communities to find solutions to concerns raised by consumers.

To this end, communities can report any suspicious-looking food items or business selling expired food products to the National Consumer Commission at 012-428 7000 or by e-mailing