Ramaphosa will not steal because he is wealthy – Gwede Mantashe

Gwede Mantashe’s argument that the new ANC President will not steal because he is wealthy is ideologically sterile, intellectually lazy, and opportunistic. To insinuate that poor people are the ones responsible for thieving is disingenuous and dishonest.

The African National Congress’ recently elected National Chairperson, Gwede Mantashe, is quoted saying that the recently elected President of the ANC Cyril Ramaphosa is rich and will therefore not steal money from the public purse. His exact words were:

“We have a president who has money, who’s wealthy, who will not be tempted to steal… He is the president of the ANC. He is wealthy, he is rich. If he steals we will ask him: ‘Why do you steal? Because you have enough.’”

Besides its ideological sterility and intellectual paucity, the statement by Mantashe is insulting to the poor, opportunistic and false. An absolute majority of poor people in South Africa live honest and straightforward lives and even submit to the cruel exploitative practices of their rich bosses. We therefore carry the obligation to provide uncompromising and decisive political and ideological clarity to enlighten society and prevent sycophants from repeating the same intellectual laziness.

The ideological sterility in Mantashe’s sorry narrative stems from the fact that all scientific and ideologically sound analyses of theft of public resources all over the world agree that theft is done for the enrichment of the already rich. The crisis of the world, and of South Africa post 1994, is a crisis of rich people, who are inherently defined by insatiable appetite for more resources. The crisis caused by capitalism is a crisis of rich capitalists and their extensions in political office, who do everything in their power for profit and wealth maximisation. Contrary to mainstream propaganda, super-rich capitalists in South Africa are responsible for the reproduction of poverty, inequalities and unemployment.

Snippet from Floyd Shivambu EFF in Daily Maverick.