Recycling in Inhambane: Cleaning the planet


Well done Brenda Franck and team!

The Mozambican province of Inhambane is a beacon of success, with people there recycling garbage and simultaneously making a living for their families.

Bead necklaces: Made out of small discarded pieces of cloth and mixed with bought beads to brighten up these handmade necklaces. Many women buy them, not only because they are beautiful and unique, but also because they are such good value. Photo: DW

Bases: Inhambane women recycle soda and beer bottles caps to make bases for pots, bowls, cups, glasses and other objects, an activity that has guaranteed the survival of several families in recent times.

Pens: Usually, after a ballpoint pen is finished, we throw it away. But this group of prison inmates recycles them using thread taken from onion and potato sacks, so that they can be used again, simply by changing the cartridge which contains ink. This enterprise has helped reintegrate prisoners into society after being released.

Earrings and bracelets: Plastic bottles are among the most common refuse item in the world, but with a little ingenuity, they can become attractive female accessories. Along with fabrics leftovers, they can be turned into earrings, bracelets and hairpins. These products sell for attractive at market stalls when compared to high-street stores.

The wine bottle as art: Mukatikale Luciano, a young man living in the city of Maxixe in Inhambane, uses wine bottles found lying in the trash to decorate homes, and as flower pots. One of his creations bottle can sell for as much for as much 500 meticais, the equivalent of 7.50 Euros. He seasonally employs five people.

Save the elephant: Garments no longer needed can be recycled, as can many things with public utility. Transforming clothing into various objects could help save the elephant, a species that is facing extinction around the world.

Building the wall: Beer and soft drinks bottles can be used to build walls, thus saving blocks and stones. this example is an ALMA association, Tofo beach, initiative. The goal is to remove harmful objects from the environment.

‘Outdoor’ made with PET bottle caps: Using caps from PET plastic bottles, a group of friends living in Tofo beach in Inhambane, Mozambique, made this billboard, with an important message telling everyone to value the oceans. Some people also make pictures using PET caps, with messages to help preserve the environment.…/recycling-in-inhambane-clean…/