Report highlights Mining Charter’s devastating impact


At a conference to be held on Wednesday 14 February, trade union Solidarity will disclose its court papers to have the latest Mining Charter set aside. On the occasion, the Solidarity Research Institute (SRI’s) report, which details the charter’s negative impact on an industry that is already ailing and on the economy as a whole, will also be introduced.

According to SRI Head Connie Mulder, 34 153 jobs have already been affected by retrenchment in the industry since the release of the latest charter, and the much-discussed and controversial mining charter is no doubt a contributing factor. “The Mining Charter is putting a damper on the industry and gives rise to mining companies’ withholding of investment in times where we should indeed rather create a favourable investment environment,” Mulder said.

Mulder contends that the charter causes a ripple effect that could sink the future of the mining industry. “When companies are reluctant to initiate new developments and embark on exploration projects, existing jobs are lost and no new job opportunities are created. The Charter is a reckless document, drafted by a minister who shows no regard for the sector,” Mulder cautioned.