Result of Moz elections

Voters in Moz.

The latest preliminary results from Wednesday’s municipal elections show that, for the first time ever, the main opposition party, the former rebel movement Renamo, has won a municipality in the northern province of Cabo Delgado, traditionally regarded as a stronghold of the ruling Frelimo Party

The municipality won by Renamo is Chiure, in the south of the province, where it took over 56 per cent of the vote. Renamo also did well in the nearby city of Montepuez, where it won almost 44 per cent of the vote.

But Frelimo’s hegemony remains absolute in Mueda. This municipality is at the heart of the Mueda plateau, generally regarded as the cradle of the armed struggle to liberate Mozambique from Portuguese colonial rule. Here Frelimo won over 90 per cent of the vote.

In the central province of Manica, the only province where all the votes have been tallied, Frelimo made a clean sweep, retaining control of all five municipalities.

The detailed results from these municipalities are as follows. In all cases, 100 per cent of the votes have been counted:

Cabo Delgado province


Renamo:   9.035 (56.01 per cent)

Frelimo:    6,138 (38.05 per cent)

MDM:          578 (3.58 per cent)


Frelimo:   13,608 (51.78 per cent)

Renamo:   11,502 (43.77 per cent)

MDM:   1,169 (4.45 per cent)


Frelimo:   13,266 (91.58 per cent)

MDM:          837 (5.78 per cent)

Renamo:      382 (2.64 per cent)

Manica province


Frelimo:   51,955 (52.56 per cent)

Renamo:  43,939 (44.45 per cent)

MDM:       2,949  (2.98 per cent)


Frelimo:   11,381 (63.61 per cent)

Renamo:   6,104 (34.11 per cent)

MDM:         408 (2.28 per cent)


Frelimo:   9,612 (59.03 per cent)

Renamo:  5,969 (36.66 per cent)

MDM:        702 (4.31 per cent)


Frelimo:   6,573 (64.73 per cent)

Renamo:   2,407 (23.7 per cent)

MDM:      1,174 (11.56 per cent)

Manica Town

Frelimo:   11,152 (59.14 per cent

Renamo:    7,105 (37.8 per cent)

MDM:          599 (3.18 per cent)

These preliminary results are all posted on the website of the Electoral Administration Technical Secretariat (STAE). The results are not yet official – they still have to be approved by the National Elections Commission (CNE) and validated by the Constitutional Council, the country’s highest body in matters of constitutional and electoral law.

Source: STAE