Road users urged to be responsible

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Masoka Dube

With the long weekend approaching, Trans African Concessions (TRAC) urges members of the public, who will be on the country’s roads during this time, to act responsibly to ensure the safety of all road users.
TRAC says high traffic volumes are expected along the N4 Toll Route, between the Solomon Mahlangu off-ramp in Gauteng and the Maputo Port, in Mozambique, over the next few days. It says a significant surge in traffic is anticipated from tomorrow until next week Tuesday.
“In anticipation of the increased traffic volumes, TRAC will again boost its efforts to accommodate the influx and ensure that our road stays safe and congestion free.
“To avoid severe traffic congestion on the Mozambican portion of the N4, the Stop/Go’s between Ressano Garcia and the Moamba Plaza will be removed from April 27 to May 1. However, the three Stop/Go’s in the Elandsvalley region will remain operational because the project is in a delicate phase and their temporary removal is impossible at this stage,” TRAC says in a statement.
Road users are therefore advised to use Schoemanskloof as an alternate route to enter and exit the Lowveld.
High traffic volumes are expected en route to the Lebombo and Ressano Garcia Border Posts, which will not be operational 24-hours a day as is the case during conventional holiday periods.
Road users are to plan their trips accordingly and give themselves enough time to reach their destination.

Road safety tips to follow:

* Make sure that your vehicle is roadworthy;
* Do not overload your vehicle;
* Have a good rest before you embark on your journey;
* Take rest stops every two (2) hours or 200 km;
* Do not drink and drive;
* Avoid driver distractions. Do not talk or text on your mobile phone while driving;
* Wear a seatbelt and ensure your passengers do to – even those sitting in the back. Babies,
toddlers and small children must be buckled into a car or booster seat, in the back;
* Drive defensively! Risk takers are collision makers;
* Be visible – drive with your lights on at night and in adverse weather conditions;
* Only overtake when it is safe to do so;
* Maintain at least a three-second following distance.
* Avoid distractions when walking near or crossing a road;
* Be visible – wear bright and/or reflective clothing, especially at night;
* Walk only on footpaths and pavements, next to a road, or use a pedestrian bridge. Do not walk
on highways – it is illegal;
* Do not walk near a road if you’ve been drinking;
* Do not stop walking halfway across a road – remain next to the road until both lanes are clear for you to cross safely;
* Look both ways before crossing a road – right, left and then right again.