Robbers target Correctional Services farms in Barberton

Inmates are planting their own food. (Photo for illustration only.)

Tumelo Waga Dibakwane

SO FAR, a cow, 15 pigs and vegetables, planted by convicts for the prisoners on Correctional Farms for use in prisons, have been stolen in Barberton. The Department has now launched an investigation into the escalating problem and made a breakthrough and the arrest of a resident in the nearby community.

With the police getting on board, it was learnt that a man had been selling pork in Barberton X13, who was caught red-handed with the meat branded for Correctional Services. The accused was arrested  charged with theft of livestock and being in possession of stolen property. He has since appeared before Barberton Magistrate Court.

Pigs have been killed and disappeared from the jail sty. (Photos: Tumelo waga Dibakwane.)

Community members surrounding Barberton Correctional Centre, said that the unavailability of employment and poverty were the main causes for theft experienced by the department. In fighting poverty, the Department of Correctional Services continue to donate vegetables to the poor in the area.   Two additional hectare of land was also donated to the community  to plant vegetables for their own use.

A member from the surrounding community was caught red-handed with the meat.