SA taxpayers – we just keep on giving


Daily Maverick  (Marianne Thamm for Scorpio) has just reported on the following:

South African taxpayers have forked out around R1-billion for the supply and maintenance of specialist forensic lights to SAPS. Businessman Keith Keating, director of Forensic Data Analysts, implicated in an IPID investigation into the payment of kickbacks to former acting SAPS National Commissioner Khomotso Phahlane via a Pretoria car dealership, is also under investigation for the lucrative contract to supply SAPS with the Rofin lights at the cost of around R300,000 per torch.

  Three minutes before the close of business, at precisely 16:57 on 31 March 2016 (which also marked the end of the 2015/16 financial year), SAPS Information Technology Services, a division of SAPS Technology Management Services, generated order number A000T4674 for the supply of 169 Forensic Light Sources at the cost of around R52-million.

On the same day, Forensic Data Analysts (FDA), a Pretoria-based company, submitted INV16131 totalling R52,942,653.66 which was paid almost immediately under the “responsibility code” of 0075 TMS (Technology Management Services). TMS just happens to be where Brigadier Beauty Phahlane and one Colonel Johann Potgieter (more about him shortly) are both stationed.

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