SA wine exports increased by 4 percent last year

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Masoka Dube

DESPITE the drought that engulfed South Africa last year, the country’s wine industry export figures rose by 4 percent to R9.06 billion in 2018.

The industry’s Wines of South Africa (WoSA) group revealed yesterday that the value of packaged wine increased by 3 percent during the period, while bulk wine surged by 7 percent.

“The 4% increase in value to R9.06 billion reflects the positive sentiments towards South African wine in international markets, despite the 6% decrease in volume to 420.2 million liters of wine sold internationally,” Said WoSA spokesperson Maryna Calow.

“This figure fits into the Wines of South Africa (WoSA) strategy for an increased value focus within packaged and bulk wine sales, while also having a direct correlation to dwindling wine stocks, following the lowest harvest yield since 2005, towards the latter part of the year,” Calow said.

She said in their focus export markets they saw good growth on the value of packaged wine to China at 7%, while the USA remained flat.

“In the European focus markets, which have seen very little value growth of packaged wine for a number of years, there was a notable value increase on all fronts: Netherlands 1%, Sweden 10% and the United Kingdom unchanged.”

The UK remains SA’s top export market, realizing a total value of R1,844m worth of exports, while Germany held its second place, at R1,329m of wine bought and once again the Netherlands in 3rd position at R693m.